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Gain full visibility on your business

By implementing GPS tracking you’ll be able to see the exact location of your fleet any time, day or night, in the present and past. inControl allows you to monitor driver behaviour, speed and even set specific targets for your team, that allows you to manage performance from afar.

Improved safety and performance

Fleet management systems encourage better driver behaviour like increased productivity and safety. Businesses using GPS tracking report less vehicle wear and tear on tyres and breaks, lowered idling time and improved communication between drivers and managers.*

inControl has a range of features that enable proactive maintenance and responsiveness of your fleet. Your business will experience less off-road vehicle time and extended vehicle life through better management. inControl has unique features which empower you to reward good drivers, like the ability to set specific driver KPIs and be notified when a driver doesn't follow these.

Lower costs

Staying ahead in today’s competitive market means lowering your cost. inControl gives you the visibility over vehicle costs like fuel, that help you to make smart decisions about your fleet and business. 

"Fuel costs are significant for any business with a fleet, with GPS tracking allows you to review factors like idle time, speeding, unauthorised usage of vehicle and fuel card, with fleet management systems users estimate a 5.5% savings in fuel*"

Stay connected

GPS Tracking is the next best thing to riding along with your team, giving you a clear picture of what’s going on in the vehicle. You have the ability to log in anywhere, anytime from your smart phone, tablet or computer, to view the status of your team or job, provide live updates and realistic ETAs to customers and make changes to routes if needed.

Efficient fleet management

Know the exact location of your vehicle, check driver status and monitor routes to improve response time. A 10-15% increase in productivity and savings of 20-30 minutes per day for labour is reported of users of GPS tracking*. You’ll also be able to remove paper reporting and manual timesheets, improve data accuracy and minimise administrative errors.

Provide exceptional customer service

Staying ahead of the competition requires you to exceed customer expectations. With inControl you’ll be able to provide proof of service delivery, accurate ETA times and rapidly respond to customer requests or queries.

Quick theft recovery

Should anything happen to your vehicle, pinpoint the exact location in a matter of moments.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Reduce your carbon footprint with better fuel and route management.

*2015 Fleet Management Report, Verizon.

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