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GPS tracking. But Smarter

Simple and intuitive user interface

Quickly and easily display current status and trip information for each vehicle, allowing you to understand driver behaviour, speed and performance.

Access your information anywhere, anytime from smart phone, tablet or computer. You have full control 24/7

View your fleet activity from anywhere and can be viewed on your computer, tablet or smart phone - simply log in to our online portal and get an update.

Personalise your system

Name and set photos for each of your vehicles and assets, set up unique vehicle IDs to make the system relevant for your business needs.

Watch live tracking of your fleet

Receive real time, continuous data from your fleet with updates every 60 seconds ensuring you always connected to your fleet.

View full vehicle and trip history with the click of a button

Easily understand each vehicle’s activity by reviewing detailed action-by-action trip breakdown. Position and routes can be viewed anytime, with live continuous data updates and a trip replay function.

Proactively manage your vehicles maintenance

Schedule service and maintenance and receive a convenient reminder.

Analyse your fleet history data to better understand trends

Review and analyse data to understand how to better optimise routes and set up regular scheduled reports which can be delivered straight to your email.

Monitor speed history for each vehicle

View the speed for each vehicle compared to the speed limits, with an entire trip speed mapped for review (where the speed limit data is available).

Quickly investigate and solve incidents

Understand why incidents happen, review apparent abnormalities and reasons for delays. inControl allows you to drill down into trip specifics like time, date, speed at an exact GPS position. If you’re vehicle goes missing or is stolen, you’ll be able to locate it by a few clicks, meaning you’re never left in the dark again.

Monitor and reward good driver behaviour

Encourage good driver behaviour using our KPI score ranking. This gives each driver a score out of 100 based on specific performance and behavioural actions undertaken when driving like harsh breaking and speeding.

Set custom landmarks

Create custom locations to quickly identify routes and locations on the maps and create customer vehicle IDs.

Ready to gain control over your fleet management?

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