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  • We’ve have been using GPS Tracking from BlackBox Control for 10 plus years… We rely on our reputation and providing great customer service, so in times where there has been issues from the customer, we’ve been able to go in and check our records – and back up the driver in many instances because of the tracking. We log into the system on a daily basis – using it to help with running payroll, seeing where the drivers are and maintenance.
    Everybody at BlackBox Control has been really easy to deal with – they have always been willing to help and answer any query.”

    Cathi Payne.
    Director, Payne Haulage
  • We pride ourselves on putting the safety of our drivers and the community above anything else…and we’ve worked closely with BlackBox Control to ensure all of our trucks have built in safety systems…And has set up an effective system so we can manage fatigue in accordance with driving hours limits. BlackBox Control has understood the importance of providing telematics solutions which demonstrate our commitment to the safety of our drivers.

    Mark Cramer.
    Director, Marsue Transport